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By Timothy Cocks Graded Motor Imagery, Science and the world 04 Nov 2014

From the Chicago Tribune

Local Teen Releases Song and Video for Chronic Pain Awareness

The song, written by Danielle Stratton, is about her struggle with chronic pain over the last four years.

“My foot started to hurt when I was in cheerleading in fifth grade,” said Stratton. “The pain got progressively worse over the next four years, but all x-rays, MRIs and even surgery showed there was nothing wrong with my foot.”

“When I was diagnosed with CRPS, we didn’t know much about it,” said Stratton. “It’s not a condition that most people have heard of, and no one can tell by looking at me that I’m in so much pain. I wrote this song and made a music video to help create awareness because there are other people out there that have this mysterious, constant pain who need help.” 

Stratton’s song, titled Kryptonite , is available for download on iTunes


A worthy cause deserving of attention

-Tim Cocks


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