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It’s getting gappy and we’re not happy

By Hayley Leake Uncategorized 10 Nov 2016

Opening the news this morning, hidden amongst all the political turmoil and social disharmony, we found this very important story. It seems the company that creates Toblerone has decided to save some pennies and widen the gaps in this duel-purpose multi-media education tool, cross sweet treat.




Here at NOI we’re worried about the potential effect this might have on the everyday therapist explaining graded exposure, pacing and flare-ups. Simply – there are far more ups and downs on the way to optimal health than the new Toblerone allows.



We suggest you dash down to the shops and purchase all the original Toblerones that you can! Maybe we need a new kind of chocolate bar to use as a multi-media Explain Pain tool? Any thoughts? We are already out tasting – can Lindt offer a lifeline here?


– Dave Butler & Hayley Leake


  1. Before everyone does that do you know who owns the company so that I can invest in it. then wait a few days until the stock purchase goes through. I need to better insure my retirement now that the Donald has been elected.

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