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Healthy, Wealthy, Smart and David Butler

By Noigroup HQ Education for all 03 Jan 2017

Karen Litzy who always does a great podcast, scored an exclusive interview with David Butler while he was over in the USA, presenting EP3 with Lorimer Moseley and Mark Jensen.

That interview is now available via Karen’s site or via iTunes for your listening pleasure.


Here are Karen’s show notes to give you an idea of what was discussed

“Happy New Year to the Healthy Wealthy and Smart family! To start off 2017, I had the pleasure of welcoming Dr. David Butler to the show to chat about his work, Explain Pain Supercharged, co-written by Dr. Lorimer Moseley.  David is a clinician, an international freelance educator, an Adjunct Associate Professor with the University of South Australia and an Honoured Lifetime Member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association. His professional interests focus around the integration of neurobiology into clinical decision making and public and professional education in pain, stress and performance management.

In this episode, we discuss:

-David’s patient centered updates in Explain Pain Supercharged

-How the immune system and nervous system interact and impact pain symptoms

-David explains SIMS and DIMS and how to treat the patient more holistically

–Evidence for opioid alternatives that everyone possesses in their brain

-And much, much more!

Reconceptulizing pain as a protective signal instead of a marker of injury or disease is an important target concept to improve pain outcomes for persistent pain patients. David states, “The primary root metaphor out there has been pain is enemy. Therefore you see pain killers, war against pain, shotgun approach. It’s a big battle but we’re trying to change the primary metaphor to pain is protector so therefore pain softener, you can be sore but safe, hurt not harm and to get metaphors coming off this deeper, deeper conceptual metaphor.”

One of David’s goals of Explain Pain Supercharged is to create a digestible curriculum for patient education. David believes, “Knowledge is the greatest pain liberator of all.”

Physical therapists are at the forefront of empowering chronic pain patients with effective alternatives to pharmaceuticals. David stresses, “Your own drug cabinet in the brain can be more powerful than anything else.”




Melbourne, 31 March – 2 April EP + GMI
Adelaide, 26-28 May EP + GMI
Wollongong, 14-16 July EP + GMI
Darwin, 4-6 August EP + GMI
Brisbane, 25-27 August EP + GMI
Newcastle, 8-10 September EP + GMI


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