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Healthy education

By Timothy Cocks Education for all 03 Feb 2014

From the always interesting, sometimes controversial The Conversation

More education leads to a healthier lifestyle

“My colleague and I have recently conducted research to address this important question. We used an econometric technique to empirically identify the causal effect of education on a range of health behaviours among Australian adults aged 22 to 65. We rely on school reforms in Australia on minimum compulsory school-leaving age as a natural experiment to identify this causal relationship.

This research shows that among Australians, there is a sizable effect of staying an additional year in school on later health habits, including diet, exercise, and the decision to engage in risky health behaviours.

Tim Cocks 


  1. What a great paper – thanks Tim,

    There is a lot in this. perhaps summarised by the Grossman (1975) quote:
    “an increase in expenditure on education rather than on health itself is perhaps the most cost effective way to improve the nation’s health.

    The article generates lots of thought including:
    why do females benefit more than males?
    And how about inserting a mandatory pain education session(s) in the last and clearly crucial year?


    1. I totally agree that through knowledge, experience and wisdom we should be able to avoid trouble in the first place……..Woman will always have the advantage as only “Real men” read the instructions and how many of those are about …!!!!

    2. timcocks0noi

      Hey Dave
      Isn’t it such a magnificent dream to think about preventative, neuroimmune pain science education aimed at kids and young adults -incorporated into curricula along with the “three Rs” (with a bit of emergence education too of course). How might society begin to change in a few generations? Might there be some resistance though?

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