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Facing up to stroke – help someone you know, someone you love, maybe even yourself

By Noigroup HQ Science and the world, Pain awareness 22 Aug 2018

Strokes hurt and we all know someone who has had one. ONE in FOUR people worldwide will have a stroke during their lifetime. This is hot off the press from the Stroke Society of Australasia conference in Sydney this month. It hurts in many ways – stroke sufferers are 2-3 times more likely to develop chronic pain than non-stroke sufferers (Klit et al  2011). We know too little about this pain. It’s swept under the carpet and doesn’t get a serious mention in stroke guidelines.

Skilled and up-to-date therapists have made treatment inroads into chronic back pain, and neuropathic pain states such as complex regional pain syndrome and phantom limb pain. We believe post-stroke pain should be treatable, especially if we know more about it.

We have been building the largest database ever on characteristics of stroke pain (and an early peek at the data hints at a revolution in care).

We seek your help:

  • We need more people with chronic pain anywhere in their body so we can utilise some powerful group comparison statistics.
  • We need more data from stroke sufferers

This is the last call for this study, so please share this. Ultimately, the data you provide could help someone you care about or even yourself.

The study is online and takes 15-20 minutes. Come on!

-David and the NOI team

Klit H et al 2011


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