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Delving deeper into the spinal cord

By Hayley Leake Education for all, Brain and pain 28 Sep 2016


The October version of the Australian Physiotherapy Association’s monthly magazine InMotion features a discussion with Lorimer Moseley. Here he argues the importance of not just focusing on the brain when treating pain, but having an understanding of the ‘brain in the spinal cord’.


“The picture that’s emerging in the last 15 years can be summarised as one of fearful and wonderful complexity, even at the spinal cord level. Fearful in that it makes our job as clinicians a bit harder, but wonderful because it’s an incredibly sophisticated evaluation system.”
“All physiotherapists should have a good understanding of how the danger detectors work and how the information is process at the spinal cord level. That way, we can be more targeted with what we do, and indeed what we don’t.”


Delving deeper into the spinal cord and the entirety of the danger detection system is a large part of the forthcoming book Explain Pain Supercharged soon to be released by David Butler & Lorimer Moseley. Expect a thorough exploration into the biology of pain based on ever emerging research, and a whole host of educational skills, language and metaphor to pass on your crucial Explain Pain message. Watch this space …


–  Hayley Leake


  1. jqu33431quintner

    Don’t forget the person in pain who owns the spinal cord. Otherwise you will take us deeper down the rabbit hole.

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