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An Explain Pain Assessment – collected works

By Noigroup HQ Education for all 09 Jun 2020

Adding a few extra questions to your assessment can power up your preparedness to Explain Pain. In Explain Pain Supercharged, Lorimer Moseley and David Butler suggested there were eight important questions to ask. We’ve written about them in depth on noijam, as well as providing a series of infographics for them. This post is a place to pull those posts together to form a resource for therapists. There are two links for each question, one to an original series of in-depth posts, and another to the later series with infographics.

Click on the words for the original posts and the images for the infographic post.

1. Does the learner really want to know about pain and science?

2. How does the learner like to learn?

3. Does the learner have an impaired ability to learn?

4. Does the learner have access to digital media and know how to use it?

5. Where does the learner currently seek health knowledge?

6. What is the learner’s current pain literacy?

7. What kind of misconception does the learner hold?

8. What are the relevant Target Concepts for the learner?


Happy reading, learning and teaching!


-NOI Group


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