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An educationalist, a neuroscientist and a psychologist walk into a bar…

By Timothy Cocks Metaphor and language, Education for all 03 Apr 2014

The most exciting Explain Pain course in the whole world this year is hitting Melbourne, Australia in just a few days. noiep3 featuring David Butler, Lorimer Moseley and Mark Jensen kicks of Friday 4 April to a packed house.

Well delivered Explain Pain education currently has the best outcomes of any intervention for chronic pain. However, we continually seek better patient outcomes. NOI presents a one-off, novel, educational event where David, Lorimer and Mark combine to deliver a course reflecting and integrating each of their special interests.

Lorimer and David are well known in Australia for their courses, research and text Explain Pain. In this course they will present their ever changing Explain Pain course including up-to-date neuroimmune science, sensitisation, novel and practical concepts of clinical reasoning approaches to metaphors and conceptual change science. Translation of research for clinical use is one of the hardest points for practitioners so for long lasting, robust and effective conceptual change they have enriched the course by bringing Professor Mark Jensen in from the US.

Mark Jensen – psychologist, editor of the Journal of Pain – is a genuine heavy in the world of pain with an important message. His contributions will involve ‘preparing clients for change’, taking the existing messages and making them more ‘sticky’ in client’s brains. Mark will be talking a lot about his speciality, Motivational Interviewing, but also the use of hypnotic language and basic hypnosis skills in preparing patients for change. He will also discuss his current work on the physiology of brain states that reflect readiness to accept and learn new ideas (theta brain oscillations).

The course will be a blend of lectures, interaction and practice, and is open to all professionals working with patients or clients in acute and chronic pain and stress states, for example, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, doctors, psychologists, rehabilitation counsellors.


The course is full, but in a first for any noi Explain Pain event, the three day course will be broadcast live across the twitterverse 140 characters at a time. Simply follow me, @altThinq, to get all the ep3 goodness in your timeline and checkout @noigroup and @NOIExplainPain who will be there too.  We’ll be using the hashtag #ExplainPain3.

Keep an eye out for some special noijam posts too.


– Tim Cocks


While ep3 is completely full, there are heaps of noigroup courses happening all over the world throughout the year, check out our courses page for one near you


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