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All sorts of breasts required

By David Butler Uncategorized 05 Jul 2018

This is a final call for participants for an important project about breast pain and breast cancer. I will be brief.

More than 50% of women experience pain at 12 months post breast cancer surgery. Changes in body image are near universal. We know little about this pain and if we know more, we can help more.

We need as many participants as possible, from two groups.

  1.  Healthy women with no history of breast cancer
  2.  Women who have had breast cancer treatment.

If you have breasts OR have had treatment for breast cancer, it is likely that you can help. Ultimately, you may help someone you know.

Follow this link to help, and please pass this on.

The best time to do it is right now.

Thank you,



  1. davidbutler0noi


    Thankyou to all participants. We have had a great bump in our numbers. This allows far more powerful analysis of of variables and makes the study more meaningful for all. Just a few more will really be the icing on the cake!

    Thanks again


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