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Acceptance, Mindfulness, and Values in Chronic Pain

By Noigroup HQ Education for all 22 Jan 2016

Clever, funny and a nice guy

Our friends over at Neuroscience Research Australia are hosting Associate Professor Kevin Vowles for a two day skills building workshop. Kevin really blew the audience away at EP3 2015 with his energy, knowledge, expertise and all-round niceness. Here’s a little sample of Kevin at work:



Go deeper

Kevin was able to give us a taste of how ACT, mindfulness and values work can assist individuals experiencing chronic pain, but we only just scratched the surface. The two day workshop in Sydney from 19-20 March will really let participants get their teeth into Kevin and his work.

Check out this page for all the details, but here is what you’ll walk away from the two days with:

The ability to:

Demonstrate an understanding of the nature of complexity in chronic pain from an ACT perspective and an enhanced skill base when it comes to addressing this complexity.

Apply practiced clinical exercises to initiate an effective direction in treatment.

Apply practiced clinical exercises designed to augment acceptance and mindfulness, as well as aid in values clarification and the promotion of values-based action for use in chronic pain settings.

Utilise received training and reference materials in clinical practice.

The course outline

Here’s how your two days will look:

Day 1

Introduction & Background 

The ACT model as applied to chronic pain

Case Conceptualization – Objectives and goals of intervention 

Case examples and exercises 

Setting the stage for treatment/Early treatment considerations

Day 2

Mindfulness and its role in ACT for chronic pain 

Values work as treatment direction 

What do the data say? Treatment outcomes and mechanisms 

Applying data to clinical practice uni- and interdisciplinary settings 


Clearly lots of practical stuff and the opportunity to try it all on.

Register now

ACT, mindfulness, values, chronic pain, and two days with Kevin Vowles. You’d be mad to miss this one – get going and register now.



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