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By Timothy Cocks Pain literacy education 29 Jan 2020

Dr Emma Karran completed a rather exceptional PhD with Lorimer Moseley’s Body In Mind group. Her output has already been well cited in the literature and a more recent collaboration with Return to Work South Australia (RTWSA) has produced an excellent pain resource based on her Green Light Imaging Interpretation to Enhance Recovery (GLITtER) project, free full text of the academic paper here.

The RTWSA resource is freely available here. It contains simple messaging, infographics that give Kevin Wernli a run for his money, links to more resources, encourages hope and, perhaps most importantly, a call to action to undertake meaningful activity that is graded, linked to goals, tailor made for the person, pleasurable, and aimed at meeting the individual’s physical and psychological needs. Nice.

If I had to be really critical, I don’t particularly like the notion that there is a ‘pain system’ as such, that ‘you LEARN to make pain‘ and ‘you can also UNLEARN pain‘, and the emphasis on ‘exercise’ over ‘activity’. This last might be semantics, but the word ‘exercise’ is a loaded one for many.  And there are a few other philosophical things… but, these are not insurmountable issues, and the resource is free and you are free to use it and present it any way you like.

Presented carefully and respectfully, this is a resource that could be the start of some high value, low cost, science-based and person-centred pain treatment.

-Tim Cocks

Further cost-effective pain resource: Explain Pain Second Edition ePub


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