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“A corner of my consciousness”

By Timothy Cocks Metaphor and language 19 Jun 2015

“I have found that when I paint, I become completely consumed and my pain recedes into a corner of my consciousness.”

A corner of my consciousness

-Angeline, Western Australia


Over on our Protectometer site, we’ve got a section we’ve called the DIM SIM Community. It’s a bit of an experiment – we haven’t pushed it at all – we just wanted to see what would happen and whether people would find it and choose to be a part of it. 

The above submission from Angeline very beautifully represents what we hope this little ‘community’ might become.

Here’s a bit more on the DIM SIM Community:

“Thank you for joining the DIM SIM community. We know that DIMs and SIMs are as unique as you are, and we also know that they hide in hard to find places. The DIM SIM community has been created to inspire, challenge and assist you. Share your DIMs and SIMs at the Community website and join the growing number of people who are on the journey to master their personal pain formula, knock off powerful DIMs, and gather rich and varied SIMs. 

Sharing your SIMs with the rest of the world will motivate others to look for SIMs in their own life and uncover SIMs that might be hiding right in front of them. From the simple pleasures of eating food that you have grown yourself, to the realisation of a dream to travel, the SIM images captured here each tell a story of personal safety, comfort and certainty, that will encourage others.

You can use the community to explore the dangers in your life and find out what others consider to be DIMS. There might be some suprises. There will also be DIMs that you really want to let go. Sharing them here at the community is a powerful way to tell yourself and the world that they are no longer a danger in your life.”

We’d love to have more submissions, if you, your clients or people you know would like to submit a DIM or a SIM, simply head over to the Community and hit the “Send us you DIM or SIM” link.

-Tim Cocks


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