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My professional rollercoaster

By Noigroup HQ Science and the world 19 Nov 2013

We have had more responses to the NOInotes on the “Rollercoaster of Professional Life” than any other, even more than the previous months NOInotes on nudity. Most have commented by saying “that professional rollercoaster accurately describes my professional life too! It is a bit sad that professional life is so unstable or is this a feature of a young, vibrant profession?  Here is a chance to comment and discuss.

The essence of the NOInotes was that after 40 years of riding the roller coaster trying to find the most effective clinical tools, following the waves of therapies, from Maitland to  McKenzie to neurodynamics and others, I am “war weary”.

What bugs me is that it took so long to realise that it was I myself who was probably the main variable in outcomes – not the techniques. I am not saying that massaging patients with a wet salmon will help. However the interactional power needs better analysis and understanding and as Pat Wall would say ‘in the end, if the majority of the outcomes are based on placebo, do not fear, but work out what it was in the placebo which gave the outcome”.

Read the whole article on The Rollercoaster of Professional Life or comment below

-David Butler


  1. davidboltononoi

    47 years in the field and still rocking……from a place of healthy arrogance I have long since personally figured out that it is “The man and not the weapon” – to quote the Duke of Wellington at the battle of Waterloo – that wins the day. So grab the tooth whitener, spread the smile and step out in the glad rags…..

  2. davidboltononoi

    …….having said that, life is made so much easier by having the best weapons available. For that I can only thank the NOI from the bottom of my heart x

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