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Explain Pain session 4: Pain ‘and’ the Brain

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Is pain ‘in’ the brain? In recent decades, there’s been an explosion of interest in the brain’s role in pain. This one-hour session, taken from the full Explain Pain On-Demand course, looks at where scientific research fits into a more modern and complex take on understanding pain. Your presenter, Tim Cocks, will talk through several topics such as how pain is not ‘in’ the brain, the search for the ‘Pain Matrix’; a multimodal salience network; integrating information, homeostasis and behaviour; the distributed nociceptive system; top-down and bottom-up thinking; descending modulation; and asks, ‘What does all this tell us about pain and treatment?’.

Thank you for watching, we hope this session provide much food for thought! If you are interested in exploring the full 13+ hour Explain Pain On-Demand course you can find it on our on-demand course library here. This is our new platform created to provide flexible learning options. Expect more courses to be launch this year and beyond!


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