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Product Type: eBook

This is an electronic copy of the Painful Yarns book, available for download as a PDF.

‘Yarns’ (in Aussie language) are humorous anecdotes containing wit and wisdom – and this book is full of them. This collection of yarns, written by clinical neuroscientist and co-author of Explain Pain, Professor Lorimer Moseley, provides an entertaining and informative way to understand modern pain biology. Described by critics as ‘a gem’ and by clinicians as ‘entertaining and educative’, Painful Yarns is a unique book. The stories involving his travels in outback Australia and experiences growing up, are great yarns.

At the end of each story, there is a section ‘So what has this got to do with pain?’ in which Lorimer uses the story as a metaphor for the relevant aspect of pain biology. The level of pain education is appropriate for both patients and health professionals. The entertainment is good for everyone. You don’t have to be interested in pain to get something from this book, and a laugh or two!

System requirements

  1. Painful Yarns ebook is in PDF format and can be viewed on any desktop or laptop computer, iPads updated to version 4.3 or newer, Amazon’s new Kindle DX or any device that supports PDF’s.
  2. Download Adobe PDF Reader (for computers)
  3. Recommended browsers are: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari
  4. Make sure your internet browser is up to date
  5. The Painful Yarns ebook is 4MB
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  1. This ebook is locked. Under no circumstances can you print this ebook.
  2. Downloading the ebook is for personal use only. You cannot duplicate electronically, print, link to, forward, distribute or sell the file to another party.
  3. Once the purchase has been made the file will be available to you immediately via a link sent to your email account. Any delays would be due to electronic server disruptions.
  4. Once a payment transaction for this ebook has been successfully processed, the order cannot be cancelled.


Moseley is pain management’s answer to James Herriot. This book captures that illusive ability to both educate and entertain.

Dr Michael Thacker, Director, Pain Science Program, Kings College, London

When reading, it is always a good sign when you start to cry from laughing….this is clearly the best book about clinical pain that I have ever read.

Dr John Keltner, MD (Harvard) Pain Physician, Anethiologist and Research fellow, Oxford University.

Painful yarns are about life. The way Moseley turns them into metaphors about pain is brilliant. This is a real gem.”

Diane Wilkinson, Freelance Writer.


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