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Walking for both mind and body | 21 April 2020




Dave’s neurodynamics and embodiment zoomercise | 7 April 2020


A video message from David Butler and Noigroup | 3 April 2020

“G’day everybody.

Best greetings from me, David Butler, and all the team at NOI.

I want to let our worldwide audience know that we are here, and will be here, for the long haul. We are adapting and we want to stay connected. Our message and resources, around Explain Pain and pain treatment, are even more important today. We have always been believers in the power of face-to-face education and our courses are being rescheduled. Thank you for your support – they are going to be busy when we get back to face-to-face. Online course offerings will be made when we are happy that we can provide a top-quality educational experience and one that is relevant for these times. NOI is open for business!
We will continue our support for research projects in the area of osteoarthritis, stroke pain, graded motor imagery and Explain Pain.
As always, but particularly now, we appreciate your feedback, your stories, your ‘presence’. Being together at a distance can teach us all sorts of things about ourselves and others, and it’s a great opportunity to rethink and pick up new skills. For me, just the time to reflect, and find different ways of reflection in the extraordinary and novel context that the virus offers, has been helpful. The human condition is more changeable than I once thought.

Thanks for listening and let’s stay in touch. NOI will always be here.”
– Dave



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