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Rachael Sheat

Rachael is an Australian Physiotherapy Association Titled Pain Physiotherapist operating out of her private pain clinic, Evolving Pain, in Melbourne, Australia. Noigroup welcomes Rachael to the teaching team, presenting Explain Pain and Explain Pain Applications courses in 2021.

Rachael’s fascination for pain and the study of the mind and body began in her early years as a ballet dancer and as a person with a lived experience of pain. She followed this deep interest into the human throughout her formal university studies majoring in Neurophysiology (Bachelor of Science) and Psychology (Bachelor of Arts), before completing a Masters of Physiotherapy in 2007 with Sydney University.

Rachael’s clinical time in Ghana, West Africa in 2007 emphasised the importance of using education to deliver sustainable healthcare practises around the world, and highlighted the vast cultural and environmental influencers which contribute to human experiences, particularly in the context of pain and trauma.

Rachael has enjoyed sharing her love of education and science through her teaching role to health science students at LaTrobe University, and guest lecturing in Pain and Performance at the University of Melbourne.

Rachael has been involved in presenting pain concepts at various Australian conferences and is looking forward to her upcoming involvement as a clinician in an NHMRC clinical trial Explaining Pain to Increase Physical Activity in KNEE osteoarthritis (EPHIPHA-KNEE).

Outside of her clinical and teaching worlds Rachael enjoys African drumming and trips to the Zoo with her beautiful family.



‘I recently completed the Clinical Applications lead by the wonderful Rachael Sheat. It was easily one of the best courses I have done. The application of EP to real-life patients and group lead discussion around this was wonderful. There was the right balance between patient and clinic lead discussions.

Rachael made it a really comfortable place for clinicians to voice their opinion on patients. It seemed like an environment where there wasn’t a wrong answer, just different ways to do things.

I’d love for this course to be expanded and I’ll be coming back for many more in the future.’ (EP Applications participant Feb 2021)

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