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Mobilisation of the Nervous System

With Hugo Stam


May 12, 2023 - May 14, 2023

Course Host: Tomasz Wronski | 48509464984

Face to Face Course Face to Face Course

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This course is in English with live Polish translation.


A comprehensive course on the diagnosis and management of physical dysfunction of the nervous system. With plenty of practical work and the latest neurobiology, clinicians will be able to rapidly merge the material into all existing manual therapy frameworks.


Mobilisation of the Nervous System is an ideal starting course for those involved in manual therapy and in pain management.

Pre-reading recommended:
Butler DS (2000) The Sensitive Nervous System, Noigroup, Adelaide
Butler DS (2005) The neurodynamics handbook and DVD, Noigroup, Adelaide.
Nee RJ, Butler DS 2006 Management of peripheral neuropathic pain. Integrating neurobiology, neurodynamics and clinical evidence. Physical Therapy in Sport: 7: 36-49

This course is open to Allied health professionals and registered medical practitioners, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, clinicians with a ‘hands-on’ licence.

Course aims
  1. To provide a basic knowledge of neuroanatomy, neurodynamics and pathobiology related to the manual examination of the nervous system.
  2. To integrate the sciences of clinical reasoning, neurodynamics and neuroscience.
  3. To provide safe and effective diagnostic skills in the examination and interpretation of physical dysfunction of the nervous system.
  4. To apply these skills to patient management by clinical reasoning skills.
  5. To engage in a forum to critically analyse aspects of present day physical therapy.

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Mobilisation of the Nervous System on May 12, 2023 - May 14, 2023

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Language: English/Deutsch, Region: Europe

Courses: Mobilisation of the Nervous System, Explain Pain, Klinische Anwendungen: Obere Extremität, Thorax und HWS, Schmerzen Verstehen, Mobilisation des Nervensystems

Hugo Stam

Hugo Stam graduated from the School of Physiotherapy Leffelaaer, Amsterdam in 1981 and since then has mainly been working and living in Switzerland. He is currently the clinical supervisor at the RehaClinic in Zurzach where he has been practising since 1984 and also works as a private practitioner in Würenlingen.

In 1990 he became an accredited instructor of the Maitland Concept of Manipulative Physiotherapy and received membership of the International Maitland Teachers Association (IMTA). Since 1994 he has been a senior member of the IMTA teaching faculty.

His postgraduate training brought him to Australia, where he completed a Masters of Applied Science in Physiotherapy at the University of South Australia in 1994 where Hugo came into contact with NOI and has been a member of its teaching faculty since 1995.

His special fields of interest are frozen shoulder, neuropathic pain disorders and explaining the related clinical signs and symptoms to patients, in particular nerve root and carpal tunnel syndrome, and the use of ultrasound as a diagnostic instrument for peripheral-neurogenic disorders.

Alongside a busy professional life there is a happy little family and our fluffy dog Luna to keep life in balance.


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