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Robert Nee PT, MAppSc, ATC

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Robert Nee

Robert J. Nee, PT, PhD, MAppSc

Bob has been teaching with NOI since 1994. He is currently a Professor in the School of Physical Therapy and Athletic Training at Pacific University in Hillsboro, Oregon. He completed his Bachelor of Science in physical therapy at Boston University in 1985, a Master of Applied Science in manipulative physiotherapy at the University of South Australia in 1993, and a PhD in physiotherapy at The University of Queensland in 2012. His PhD research investigated the value of neurodynamic techniques in the diagnosis and treatment of nerve-related neck and upper limb pain and has been published in international peer-reviewed journals. Bob has over 25 years of clinical practice experience in musculoskeletal physical therapy and over 15 years of experience in entry-level, post-professional, and residency/fellowship education.


Selected publications:

Nee RJ, Coppieters MW, Jones MA (2019) Lateral elbow pain with cervical and nerve-related components, In: Jones MA & Rivett DA (eds), Clinical Reasoning in Musculoskeletal Practice (2nd ed), Elsevier. ISBN (hard cover): 9780702059766, ISBN (eBook): 9780702059773.

de la Rosa-Díaz I, Torres-Lacomba M, Acosta-Ramírez P, García-de Orive I, Nee RJ, de la Villa-Polo P, Andrés-Esteban EM, Sánchez-Sánchez B (2018) Protective myoelectric activity at performing upper limb neurodynamic test 1 in breast cancer survivors. A cross-sectional observational study Musculoskeletal Science and Practice 36:68-80. PMID: 29860136.

Boyd BS, Nee RJ, Smoot B (2017) Safety of lower extremity neurodynamic exercises in adults with diabetes mellitus: a feasibility study Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy 25:30-38.

Coppieters MW, Andersen LS, Johansen R, Giskegjerde PK, Høivik M, Vestre S, Nee RJ (2015)Excursion of the sciatic nerve during nerve mobilization exercises: an in vivo cross-sectional study using dynamic ultrasound imaging Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy 45:731-737. PMID: 26304637.

Coppieters MW, Nee RJ (2015) Neurodynamic management of the peripheral nervous system, In: Jull G, Moore A, Falla D, Lewis J, McCarthy C, Sterling M (eds), Grieve’s Modern Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy (4th ed), Elsevier: Edinburgh. ISBN: 9780702051524.

Schmid AB, Nee RJ, Coppieters MW (2013) Reappraising entrapment neuropathies – Mechanisms, diagnosis and management  Manual Therapy 18:449-457. PMID: 24008054.

 Nee RJ, Vicenzino B, Jull GA, Cleland JA, Coppieters MW (2013) Baseline characteristics of patients with nerve-related neck and arm pain predict the likely response to neural tissue management Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy 43:379-391. PMID: 23633626.

Nee RJ, Jull GA, Vicenzino B, Coppieters MW (2012) The validity of upper-limb neurodynamic tests for detecting peripheral neuropathic pain Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy 42:413-424. PMID: 22402638.

Nee RJ, Vicenzino B, Jull GA, Cleland JA, Coppieters MW (2012) Neural tissue management provides immediate clinically relevant benefits without harmful effects for patients with nerve-related neck and arm pain: a randomised trial Journal of Physiotherapy 58:23-31. PMID: 22341379.

Coppieters MW, Nee RJ (2012) Neurodynamics: movement for neuropathic pain states, In: Schleip R, Findley TW, Chaitow L, Huijing PA (eds), Fascia: the Tensional Network of the Human Body, Churchill Livingstone: Edinburgh. ISBN: 9780702034251.

Nee RJ, Vicenzino B, Jull GA, Cleland JA, Coppieters MW (2011) A novel protocol to develop a prediction model that identifies patients with nerve-related neck and arm pain who benefit from the early introduction of neural tissue management, Contemporary Clinical Trials 32:760-770. PMID: 21718803.

Nee RJ, Yang CH, Liang CC, Tseng GF, Coppieters MW (2010) Impact of order of movement on nerve strain and longitudinal excursion: a biomechanical study with implications for neurodynamic test sequencing Manual Therapy 15:376-381. PMID: 20359936. 

Nee RJ, Butler DS, Coppieters MW (2007) Nerves, In: Kolt GS, Snyder-Mackler L (eds), Physical Therapies in Sport and Exercise (2nd ed), Churchill Livingstone: Edinburgh. ISBN: 9780443103513.

Nee RJ, Butler DS (2006) Management of peripheral neuropathic pain: integrating neurobiology, neurodynamics, and clinical evidence Physical Therapy in Sport 7:36-49.

Reisch R, Williams K, Nee RJ, Rutt RA (2005) ULNT2 – median nerve bias: examiner reliability and sensory responses in asymptomatic subjects, Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy 13:44-55.

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