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Language: English, Region: United Kingdom

Courses: Mobilisation of the Neuroimmune System, Graded Motor Imagery, Explain Pain

Ben Davies

An experienced NOI Instructor in the UK, Ben has taught EP, MONIS and GMI courses in the UK & Europe since 2008. His background as a physiotherapist involves primary, secondary and tertiary care settings. The majority of Ben’s experience is with people who have complex, persistent pain presentations. Currently Ben works in primary care for Virgincare (Bath and Northeast Somerset, UK) as professional lead for physiotherapy and clinical specialist physiotherapist in pain management.

Ben’s PhD at the University of the West of England was in painful diabetic neuropathy, exploring whether this group of people could benefit from the pain management approaches which are relatively common in the MSK pain world, but not in the diabetic world.

You can find Ben on twitter (@ben_davies42), although he tends to use his free time riding two wheels (road + gravel = groadie?) or getting back out into the mountains.


Davies, B. (2017) Painful diabetic neuropathy: Exploring management options. (Thesis) University of the West of England. Available from: http://eprints.uwe.ac.uk/31786

Davies, B., Cramp, F., Gauntlett-Gilbert, J. and McCabe, C. (2016) Should pain management programme strategies be part of managing painful diabetic neuropathy (PDN)? In: Physiotherapy. 2016 pp. e122. doi:dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.physio.2016.10.135.

Davies, B., Cramp, F., Gauntlett-Gilbert, J., Wynick, D. and McCabe, C. (2015) The role of physical activity and psychological coping strategies in the management of painful diabetic neuropathy – A systematic review of the literature. Physiotherapy. 101 (4), pp. 319–326. doi:10.1016/j.physio.2015.04.003.

Upcoming Courses

start date days course name location  
03 October 2020 2 Mobilisation of the Neuroimmune System, Milano Italy View Details
24 April 2020 2 Graded Motor Imagery, Dublin IRL, Ireland View Details
21 March 2020 2 Explain Pain, Dublin IRL, Ireland View Details
29 February 2020 2 Explain Pain, Calne Wiltshire, United Kingdom View Details
21 January 2020 2 Explain Pain, Derby United Kingdom View Details
08 June 2019 2 Explain Pain, Newcastle United Kingdom View Details


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