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NOI Education


The NOI education system presents six quality assured courses which cover the role of the nervous system in rehabilitation, from nerve entrapments in the periphery to chronic pain and stress states and severe neural injury.

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Keep your ear to the ground for new ideas and developments in manual therapy, pain management, modern neurobiology clinical reasoning science. NOI members receive 6 issues of NOI notes per year and a local seasonal update email just twice a year.

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Ordering locally


Did you know you can now order some NOI products and resources directly from the NOI USA branch? This will save you in shipping fees and and travel time.

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NOI USA Instructors

Benjamin Boyd
Luke Bongiorno
Robert Johnson
Cody Weisbach
Catherine Barry
Denis Dempsey
Wesley Kurszewski
Jennifer Martin
Robert Nee
Guest Instructors:
David Butler (NOI AU)
Brendon Haslam (NOI AU)
Tim Beames (NOI UK)

Hosting your own course

You, or your organisation, can host a NOI course in either an open or inhouse format. For more information email NOI USA.

Contact Noigroup US


Stephanie Wilson
Expert Management Services
857 Montgomery Avenue, Suite 2,
Narberth, PA 19072
T: (610) 664-4465
F: (866) 925-8568

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NOI Courses taught in the USA


Explain Pain 
Graded Motor Imagery
Mobilisation of the Neuroimmune System

Neurodynamics & the Neuromatrix

Information on course schedules

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