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Explain Pain poster set
Updated 2018

Though retaining a similar look and size, the artwork and text content has been thoroughly scrutinised to ensure alignment with the latest in Explain Pain education. Some key images and concepts from the Explain Pain range stand out as particularly useful in the recovery journey. The Explain Pain poster collection is designed to help you and your patients take that journey. The posters can be used in a pain peer group setting, in the waiting room of your clinic, or as an educational tool hanging on the clinic wall. They will help pain sufferers to make informed choices and guide them to recovery.
The four titles encourage empowerment: Take Control, Graded Activity, Thought Viruses and The Road to Recovery. 

Set of four posters, each A2 size (42cm x 60cm), plasticoated finish.

David Butler talks you through the poster set (5 minutes).

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Australian Pain Society August 2003 'This book is recommended as a useful resource for any clinician working with patients in pain.'
Jrnl of Osteopathic Medicine Aug 2003 'I can't think of any practitioner who deals with pain who shouldn't read this book... the information should have immediate application in clinical practice, as does the book itself in terms of a patient education resource.'
Margaret Mayo October 2003 'Almost every statement is supported by evidence from clinical trials. This book bridges the gap between people's experience and neuroscience.'
Beth Shelley, PT, December 2003 'I would recommend this book to women's health PTs seeing pain patients.'
Jim Hefford, NZ GP, February 2004 'Butler is well known as a lively lecturer. In this book he and his co-author have managed the extraordinarily difficult job of describing complicated natural processes... and they have done it in an intellectually honest way.'
APS Bulletin V14 No1 2004 J.Loeser 'I highly recommend [Explain Pain] for one's patient library and as an introductory summary for those entering the field of pain management.'
Mick Thacker PRI9.4. 2004 'The book lives up to its title in 'explaining pain' I highly recommend this book for everyone... the information in this book will help many improve function and lead a more functional life.'
Sue Oliver InTouch issue 1-2006 'Education plays a large role in my work at the prison. I have found using Explain Pain... very useful for treating chronic pain.'