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2016 App release 

Using Recognise™ has been shown to reduce pain, improve performance and assist with rehabilitation in a range of complex pain, and injury states, when used as part of a Graded Motor Imagery (GMI) programme. Based on the latest science and clinical trial, GMI is being used to treat many complex pain and movement problems. Read about the three unique stages of treatment techniques at -

  1. Left / Right Discrimination
  2. Explicit Motor Imagery
  3. Mirror Therapy

Available on iOS - iTunes App Store

Android version is currently undergoing some maintenance.
Thank you for your patience.

(Set App store to age 17+ if you are unable to download the Apps)

Test and train

  • TEST your ability to quickly and accurately recognise an image of a body area as either left or right (‘Left/Right Discrimination’)
  • TRAIN your brain and harness its neuroplasticity using a range of tools


  • ‘Memory’ and ‘Speed match’ tools to take your training to the next level
  • Graded difficulty levels and personal best challenges
  • Detailed onscreen results and graphs to map your progress
  • Powerful clinical integration tools - export and email your results directly to your clinician or therapist
  • Capture your own images on your iPhone or iPad and use them in your training
  • Comprehensive explanation of the science behind Left/Right Discrimination and Graded Motor Imagery


Recognise App Recognise App Recognise App Recognise App

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