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Graded Motor Imagery pack
Graded Motor Imagery (GMI) is a sequence of strategies including left/right discrimination (being able to identify body parts and movements as being left and right ), motor imagery and mirror therapy. Evidence for the use of the graded motor imagery process or its individual components comes from neuroscience and clinical trials.

The GMI pack includes
1 x Graded Motor Imagery *ebook*
1 x NOI Mirror Box (perspex mirror) - for mirror therapy
1 x RecogniseTM Flash Cards for hands* - for motor imagery exercises

*May be swapped for a foot, back, neck, shoulder or knee set - specify your preference during the checkout process.

The Graded Motor Imagery Handbook/ebook combines the last two decades of neuroscience research, clinical trials and clinical reasoning science into a book suitable for for both clinicians and pain sufferers. Moseley, Butler, Beames, Giles. Noigroup Publications, 2012.

The NOI Mirror Box is light, portable, easy to use and has had much success as a patient resource. Constructed from corflute and a perspex mirror (300 x 295mm), instructions included.

RecogniseTM Flash cards consist of 48 images on square cards (24 images mirrored to equal a total of 48 images) photographed in simple positions with no interfering elements. Card games, reference list and instructions are included.

Support resources
Recognise App - for training on the go 
Evidence based document for graded motor imagery

David Butler on GMI
David Butler on mirror therapy

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